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    About Reflexology

    Reflexology: Everything you need to know

    Reflexology may offer relief to people undergoing chemotherapy. One study of more than 200 women with advanced breast cancer found that having reflexology helped reduce some of their symptoms.

    Hand reflexology for easing indigestion

    Reflexology can bring quick relief to indigestion by warming up the 'reflex' points linked to your digestive organs. Here we show you how to ease indigestion 1. For your sinuses: Work the sinus ...

    New workshop: Reflexology 101

    The creation of a certain degree of body harmony and balance is the main objective of reflexology, which many regard as an alternative form of medicine and healing that civilisations knew epochs ago.

    Ahh: Reflexology eases cancer symptoms

    The study, published in the journal Oncology Nursing Forum, is the first large-scale randomized study of reflexology as a complement to standard cancer treatment. “It’s always been assumed ...

    Health Ministry: Guidelines being prepared to allow reflexology centres to reopen

    PUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry is in the midst of drawing up guidelines to allow reflexology centres to reopen during the recovery movement control order (MCO) period. Health director-general ...

    Health Benefits of Reflexology

    Reflexology: Everything you need to know

    It could lower stress levels Among the possible benefits of reflexology, a five-minute session ... alternative practice helps boost your general health and wellness. It may give you an energy ...

    Ahh: Reflexology eases cancer symptoms

    Although health researchers only recently have begun studying reflexology in a scientifically rigorous way, it’s widely practiced in many parts of the world and dates back thousands of years.

    Stress and Anxiety—How Reflexology May Help Reduce Both of These Health Issues

    Twenty patients, who were all being treated for neurasthenia, a health condition that involves huge emotional stress, went through reflexology sessions conducted ... body’s assimilation of nutrients.

    What Do I Need to Start a Reflexology Business?

    Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that applies pressure to the feet, hands and ears using techniques designed to promote health and reduce stress. Other benefits include mental health ...

    Open house at reflexology center

    The underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are reflex area’s on the feet that correspond to specific organs and other parts of the body. Benefits reportedly include reduced pain ...

    Uses of Reflexology

    New workshop: Reflexology 101

    Reflexology enthusiasts say that the methods used prove beneficial in regards to many health complaints, among which are sinus problems, sleep disturbance, stress, anxiety, headaches, and chronic ...

    From Acupuncture To Sound Healing: The Alternative Therapies That Are Moving Online

    Is it possible to receive reflexology online ... Also, some of the techniques she uses in her practice rely on touch. “There are techniques like EMI that I use, that works with eye movements ...

    Japanese Massage Footwear brand Kenkoh partners CENTRO to expand footprint in South India

    Kenkoh Massage Footwear India, the brand of Japanese origin, announced its partnership with CENTRO, South India’s largest footwear chain, as part of its expansion in the country. After success in ...

    The Skin Witch Is The Healing Facialist Behind Hailey Bieber’s Magical Glow

    Now, Goodman offers an array of souped-up facials nothing like those you’re used to. They comprise facial reflexology, massage therapy, chakra balancing, breathwork, body scanning, craniosacral ...

    Oldest woman shares secret

    reflexology and tattooing, as well as making herbal remedies. “She has her own regimen to keep fit since young. “Among others, she used to fast every Monday until she was about 80 and drank a ...