The Natural PCOS Diet – Jenny Blondel Hormone Health Expert

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The Natural PCOS Diet - Jenny Blondel Hormone Health ExpertClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve been searching for the answers for your PCOS symptoms, then look no further.  Here’s why.

I have been treating patients with PCOS successfully for over 26 years and have a wealth of experience and an expertise in dealing with PCOS.

Overcoming PCOS is not just about following a suitable PCOS diet plan.  There are other essential factors to address including:

“I was struggling with PCOS, energy levels and day to day living, keeping up with work commitments and two young kids. My doctor was unable to help me so I turned to the internet. I came across Jenny’s web site and bought The Natural PCOS Diet with the bonus cook book. She also helped me through a Skype consultation and after a chat about my medical condition, Jenny prescribed me certain supplements that have changed my life. My symptoms have subsided and my head is clear again and the best thing is I have the energy to exercise and my fitness has improved dramatically. Through Jenny’s book I have learnt what triggers my symptoms and have made small changes to my diet which is not only making me feel great on the inside but also on the outside with my skin glowing and weight improving. With all of these positive changes to my life my depression is also diminishing which makes home life so much happier for everyone. Thanks Jenny!”

“I wanted to thank you for writing your 2 books, The Natural PCOS Diet and its Cookbook. I was trying to conceive for a few years, but nothing happened. Finally, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. The doctor did some tests on my hormones cycle and decided that I needed some hormone therapy. Long story short, I decided not to… Read more…