Glow Organic Hydrating Body And Facial Mist Spray

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How would you look to renew and soften your skin! Glow is an aromatic botanical mist that work wonders to refresh and hydrate your skin. Glow is formulated aromatherapy essential oils like jasmine and rose to soothe and refresh your skin anytime. Glow can be used on bare face, after makeup, or as a re-hydrate mid-day. Great for all skin types.

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Glow Organic Hydrating Body And Facial Mist Spray is a refreshing face mist spray that stimulates circulation and provides aroma therapeutic nutrients that energize cells and promote healthy, radiant skin.

Glow included jasmine and rose essential oils, plus botanicals that have aroma therapeutic benefits, and ORMUS Supercharged Minerals to enhance the energetic frequency.

Glow is made using all-natural, organic ingredients including, organic rose hydrosol, organic lavender hydrosol, organic jasmine hydrosol, and more.

Top Health Benefits of Glow Organic Hydrating Body And Facial Mist Spray

Maintain the elasticity of collagen and encourages the natural regeneration of new cells.

Aromatic Botanical Mist

Refreshes and Hydrates Skin

Perfect for the Face and Body

Clean, Plant-Based Ingredients

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