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Benefits of New Chapter vitamins Formulated for your specific health needs: Our multivitamins are specially formulated to meet specific health needs. We offer different blends of vitamins to meet the specific needs of men and women, including those with active lifestyles or those 40+ or 55+.

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Benefits of New Chapter herbal supplements Different herbal remedies for different goals: Whether your goal is to maintain healthy blood pressure or you want to boost your immune system, we have a supplement for you.*

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New Chapter is dedicated to several philanthropic efforts and organizations both at home in Vermont and across the globe. For example, New Chapter supplies the Bumi Sehat birthing clinics in Indonesia with Perfect Prenatal multivitamins to fulfill their supplement needs.

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New Chapter Vitamins. At New Chapter Vitamins, because it’s food and not chemical isolates, you get the full benefit of nature’s wisdom. This means a whole-food complex of vitamins, minerals and herbs that contain all of the plant’s active, natural biochemistries.

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New Chapter Organics Vitamins & Herbs New Chapter Organics is the world's leading grower and provider of whole-food cultured vitamins, minerals, and organic food supplements. New Chapter has a complete line of organic, chemical solvent-free, non-genetically engineered, Gluten Free, whole food products for every health need.