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Benefits of Health-juices

Horseradish Health Benefits - Health Juices - Healthy Drinks

Horseradish is recommended for cleansing the blood, expelling kidney stones, for sweating and as a diuretic. It has been used in folk medicine as a cure for lung diseases, rheumatism, gout, and against cold.

7 Fantastic Benefits of Plum Juice - Health Juices ...

Nutrition and Health Benefits. The dietary fiber of plum juice (especially if you just blend the produce) absorbs water while traveling through the digestive tract. This creates bulk that eliminates hunger pangs and leaves you feeling full.

Benefits of Tomato Juice |

The tomato, actually a fruit and not a vegetable, is a potent source of vitamins and minerals. Beyond its basic nutrition, tomato juice can help your immune system prevent and fight a number of diseases.

What type of fruit juice is the healthiest? | Juices ...

While 100% fruit juices are much healthier than sugary sodas, pomegranate juice was ranked #1 according to a UCLA study based on levels of antioxidants.

Schisandra: Ultimate Superberry | Medicine Hunter

Most Schisandra is dried in the sun and then used in various formulas to improve vitality. But some berries are deep refrigerated, and eventually used to make health juices, primarily for the Korean market.