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My Manic Migraine – cb vsl - Manic MigraineClick Image To Visit SiteFinally, somebody has put the pieces together – and my 10-year migraine agony is over – no drugs, treatments or any costly procedures

It’s never nice to realize you suffered so much for so long – only to find out that none of that suffering was necessary.

And when I say my migraines were painful… I’m talking about hide myself away, close the drapes, shut out the whole world kind of painful.

Like most sufferers, I tried all the standard migraine treatments. Over time I spent over 5 thousand dollars on meds.

The creator of the trigger program called me and asked if I would trial something he was working on.

The kind of pain that drove me to my bed… my place to hide away, to escape from the world and soak in the torment that was my regular migraine attack.

At first they were throbbing pains on one side of my head. Sometimes they were not too awful. Occasionally they were manageable.

But they eventually ran into more than two days – and those two-day migraine attacks disrupted so much in my life.

Originally I would sleep the migraine out in my own bed. But as they worsened even the slightest sound my partner made caused me pain.

In the end at the onset of a migraine I had to retreat to our second bedroom… to be alone and away from everyone and everything.

Strangely, of all the horrible symptoms of my migraines it’s the fact that I am no longer sick that makes me most happy!

As the migraine wore on I would shut myself away in our spare bedroom, close the door, pull the curtains and almost literally hide under my duvet.

The onset of the migraine slowed me down. The migraine itself more or less rendered me useless. And the day or two afterward left me drained, sluggish and deflated.

The fear of them – the realization that they could hit me at any time – influenced so many of my plans and my actions.

I couldn’t take a job where I had to be alert and on my toes all day. Or where I would be dealing with customers.

It had to be a job where – putting it bluntly – I could be quite ill from time to time… and then make up for the lost work hours in my own time.

I could drive short distances – but longer distances always created a problem. What if I became ill at the other end of my journey? Who would I call to pick up me – and my car?

My productivity – both in my personal and work life – was heavily knocked by my migraines. At times I simply couldn’t do a thing for myself or for anyone else.

Because just not knowing when to expect the next attack… wondering if a migraine will suddenly pop up and ruin a busy day at work, a trip to the cinema or a social gathering with friends….

The mental effort of dealing with background worries about when it will strike next was exhausting in itself.

There are millions of migraine sufferers and, before I finally cured mine, I searched everywhere for some sort of relief.

But although there’s tons of information out there I gradually realized it all pretty much falls into just two categories:

There’s lots to try, plenty to fail at and, of course, an array of potential remedies to spend your money on.

And no matter what I tried there was always something else I could have a go at just around the corner.

There are so many variations of migraine sufferer. And, with so many medications on the market, it’s inevitable that sometimes a sufferer and a medication are just right for each other.

The sufferer doesn’t usually get rid of the migraine. They still attack when they least expect it – but the meds make it more manageable.

For the rest of us though it can be a case of either soldiering on through the pain and nausea – or just sitting it out in darkness and silence until it goes.

I knew people whose drugs – if taken at the earliest stages of a migraine – would help make the migraines less severe than they would otherwise have been.

The results though are unreliable. Sometimes those same people will take their meds early and… the migraine rushes in anyway.

My doctor warned me about taking too many drugs for my migraines. He pointed out the irony that taking too much medication had the side-effect of… medication over-use headache.

In fact, during my battle with migraines I developed a theory: that when a condition has so many medicines – and absolutely none of them work reliably for all or even most sufferers – then the condition itself is not properly understood.

When I suffered migraines I would try the various medications and treatments one at a time. And with each I would just hope – hard – for relief.

I also realized that the drugs companies are actually ‘trying things out’ – and, at best, getting temporary, short-lived successes. Their offerings were hit-and-miss – unreliable and uncertain.

And they’re tackling symptoms, not causes. If they successfully tackled causes then migraines would end.

But people like to pop pills because that’s easy to do – and we’re conditioned to believe there’s a pill for every problem. And pharma likes to sell pills because they make a lot of money.

There are literally dozens of different potential triggers. Most people’s migraines are affected by just a handful of them.

More than that, it held out the hope of a cure for my migraines. If I could just pinpoint the one or two things that caused my migraines I could simply make sure I never did them again. And everything would be fine after that.

Addressing triggers does make some sense. For about half of us there are things that we can identify as… Read more…