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    State program to aid nursing homes in fighting COVID-19 falling short of goals, some home officials say

    A state program that provides medical professionals to assist long-term care providers in preventing or halting the spread of COVID-19 has benefited some homes, but changes are needed to address ...

    OPINION/LETTER: Massachusetts needs medical aid in dying

    That was the narrowness of the final split on question two, a 2012 ballot initiative to legalize medical aid in dying in Massachusetts.

    Only 10% of Zimbabweans on medical aid

    medical aid had skirted the majority. “I think the fact that our coverage ratio is only 10% means that medical cover is not working for the majority of Zimbabweans,” Muradzikwa said. “If it was ...

    Medical leaders urge Trump to aid Biden team

    Leaders of the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association and American Nurses Association say the Trump administration must share critical COVID-19 information with Presi ...

    Wanda London's New Book 'The ABC's of HIV/AIDS' Gives an Important Look Into What Everyone Needs to Know About HIV/AIDS

    Recent release "The ABC's of HIV/AIDS" from Covenant Books author Wanda London shares an informative read that lays out basic prevention information about HIV/AIDS to equip individuals with an ...

    Health Benefits of Medical Aid

    Psychedelics as health and wellness aid? Not a hallucination

    Medical associations appear largely ... because his mental health was crumbling. He turned to mushrooms first for fun and then for wellness. Eventually, he weaned himself off sleep aids and ...

    Introduction of low-cost benefit options by medical aid schemes will broaden access to private medical care

    The prescribed minimum benefits ... from every health insurance policy they sell. By contrast, medical schemes, are not for profit entities, they do not make a profit from medical aid contributions.

    Health plans provide aid to poor farmers

    The basic health insurance has paid 330 billion yuan ($50.2 billion) for poor sick farmers since 2018 as part of a broader move to curb absolute poverty, a senior official said. The benefits helped ...

    Hearing loss experts urge FDA to permit the sale of OTC hearing aids

    Hearing loss experts at Mass Eye and Ear are advocating for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to implement a law passed by Congress permitting the sale of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids ...

    Celery Juice: Surprising Health Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

    Here is a list of some of the proven benefits of ... which otherwise need medical attention if not treated. It can also aid in flushing away the toxic materials of skin. Uncanny disorders if not ...

    Uses of Medical Aid

    OPINION/LETTER: Massachusetts needs medical aid in dying

    That was the narrowness of the final split on question two, a 2012 ballot initiative to legalize medical aid in dying in Massachusetts.

    Cimas introduces nostro medical aid packages

    Business Reporter CIMAS Medical Aid Society has introduced three new foreign currency medical aid packages, intended to give those able to pay for medical aid from a domestic nostro account access to ...

    A surgeon shows how he uses a Band-Aid to stop a mask from fogging up his glasses

    Aid to secure a mask to the bridge of their nose and prevent fogging. Dr. Daniel Heiferman went viral for this tip.

    Only 10% of Zimbabweans on medical aid

    “It is a very harsh realisation and acknowledgment that none of our pensioners, given the level of pension benefits that they are getting, can’t afford medical aid and I think that is an issue of ...

    US Blocks Air Cargo Flights With Aid For Cuba

    The U.S. Department of Transportation has denied requests from two small air charter companies in South Florida for exemptions to a recent embargo on nonscheduled cargo flights ...